Union Public Schools
Union Public Schools

Monta Ewing

Union Public Schools has been my home since completing my Special Education degree at Oklahoma State University.  Some of my registry trainings provided by the State of Oklahoma are Traumatic Brain Injury, Autism and ADHD.  Being a special education teacher at Union 8th Grade Center allows me opportunities to work with teachers in the regular classroom and assist all students on my caseload and others that may have unique learning styles and needs.  Students are held to high standards at our school.  The 8th Grade Center theme is REAL Learning for REAL Life! REAL is the acronym for READY ENGAGED ACCOUNTABLE LEADERS!  Everyone is a leader in some capacity, therefore to be a great leader, you must be READY, ENGAGED and ACCOUNTABLE! Union Public Schools' goal is 100% College and Career Ready! It is my desire to challenge students to achieve at the highest level and continue to grow in knowledge, to learn compensatory and organizational skills, and to learn to be resilient in achieving their goals while learning to be a READY, ENGAGED and ACCOUNTABLE leader as they work to achieve their goals to become successful citizens of our school and community.

Please email if you have questions or concerns. This is the best mode of communication throughout my day since I am not at my desk often.

Department: Special Education
Room: 233
Planning Period: 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Phone: 357-7826
Email: Ewing.Monta@unionps.org
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