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Heather Fatur

     Heather graduated from Northeastern State University with a B.A.Ed. in English Education in 2013. Heather began teaching at Union 8th grade in 2014.  She teaches English 8 Flex  and Sheltered English Language Learners. Her hope is to fill her students with confidence, compassion, and excitement for the future.

     I have come to believe that a great teacher is a great artist and that there are as few as there are any other great artists. Teaching might even be the greatest of the arts since the medium is the human mind and spirit.

-John Steinbeck


Syllabus and Parent Information

English Language Arts






Welcome to the Union Eighth Grade Center!


English Teacher Contact Info


Ms. Heather Fatur

Phone: 357-7878


Email: Fatur.heather@unionps.org

Planning Period: 6th 2:06-2:56


Keep In Touch


Remind101: This is a text message-based system that allows the teacher to send short reminders and announcements. It is private both ways: neither sender nor receiver has access to individual cell phone numbers. To sign up to receive class-related announcements from Ms. Fatur, please see the attached handout.


All About Academics

In eighth grade you will expand your studies in English language arts to understand how literature, grammar, spelling, and vocabulary are interrelated, and how the language arts are the foundation for effective written and oral communication skills. You will work to become an effective speaker and listener, a strong reader in order to better understand and analyze a variety of literary and non-fiction texts as well as poetry, and a skilled writer of original work in narrative, informational, and argument forms.



Please have your required English supplies in class on

Friday, August 25th.

This is an accelerated class. We need our supplies to get started. J



There are three categories of supplies needed for English class. Please let me know if you have any questions about this list.

These supplies are necessary for exclusive use for English language arts work:

5 subject spiral

Glue sticks

Multi –colored Highlighters

125 Post-it notes 3x3

You will also need to have these general supplies every day to participate in English class:

Loose notebook paper


Your current book or other reading project

Student Handbook/Agenda

Suggested/helpful classroom supplies (not required):



Respecting Classroom supplies

I am very serious about respecting shared classroom work spaces and provided materials. As a teacher, I do a lot to prepare for your learning experiences, including providing as many quality materials as I can to help you do your best. You will respect the materials in our classroom just as you would expect someone to treat your belongings. Reusable supplies should be left in as near as possible to new condition when you are done using them, and returned to their proper place (supply sets or the supply closet). Any lost or broken items/books will need to be replaced.




Homework and reading will be assigned on a regular basis in class and may include anything from a small writing task to a long-term project. You need to use your agenda book to help keep track of assigned work, planned tests and quizzes, and due dates for projects. Late work will lose points.  An excessive amount of missing assignments will result in up to 3 days of lunch detention. Failure to attend assigned lunch detention will result in before/after-school detention. Parent contact will precede any assignment of before/after-school detention.


Reading Workshop

You will read in class. You will be expected to bring appropriate reading material (fiction and non-fiction books) to EVERY SINGLE DAY. Regular library access and our classroom shelves will be available on a regular basis for fresh reading material.



I follow school policy for tardy arrivals. A student is tardy if he or she is not in class when the bell rings.

1st tardy: verbal warning to student

2nd tardy: written notification to parent

3rd tardy: parent contact and one before- or after-school detention

4th and subsequent tardies: Referral to assistant principal for discipline

Our English curriculum incorporates the Reading Workshop model of learning, which includes daily reading in class. A significant part of your time and grade will be dedicated to your reading work through your Literacy Notebook, teacher conferences, and other work products. Routines will be discussed as the school year gets underway.



Planned and Unplanned Absences

Attendance is VITAL to the Reading Workshop.  Classroom discussions can’t be recreated when a student is absent, so it important to be in class whenever possible. When you miss class, the whole class is affected. Due to the nature of our English Language Arts curriculum, it is difficult to provide work in advance of an absence, so will have to work with Ms. Fatur to recover any missed instruction and activities upon your return.

Students in IP

IP work serves as an individual’s alternative assignment to in-class/group work.  Students may still have some class work to make up upon returning to class. (For example, the class reads a story together and then references it for the rest of the year. The IP student would then need to read that story on their own time to be able to make connections and get correct answers throughout the year.)  The skills being learned/practiced, however, are the same.


Skill-Based GradinG

In English Language Arts, we use a combination of traditional assignment- based grading and skill-based grading. Ms. Fatur will review the basics of skill-based grading in class and at Parent Night.

The purpose of skill-based grading is to insure that a student’s grade as closely as possible represents his or her actual abilities, rather than compliance/responsibility.

We will follow the Code of Conduct as stated in the Student Handbook (available online and in agenda book). Typically, a verbal warning will be issued for minor disruptions. If further action is needed, one or any of the following may be given: Phone call to parent; Written notice requiring parent signature; Assignment of detention; Parent conference; Referral to principal.


Technology in Class

Technology will be used in the classroom regularly. Students who have access to a smartphone or other WiFi-enabled device may bring it to class with parent permission. These devices may only be used under teacher instruction. If a student repeatedly brings out a device without permission, discipline will result





Class Procedures


When you arrive to class, get ready for the day’s activities. Make sure your materials (pen/pencil, notebook, book) are ready to go before the bell.

Try not to leave the class. If you need leave the class, have our agenda ready to be signed and submit your pass to Ms. Fatur at an appropriate time to leave the room. You have only three hall passes per semester. You MUST have your agenda to leave.

Keep your current reading material with you at all times. Should you finish a whole-class assignment early, you will be expected to work on your independent reading.

Do not interrupt another speaker (Ms. Fatur or a classmate). It’s generally best to raise your hand when you’d like to speak or ask a question, though during some class discussions/activities, it won’t be required.

Your MLA heading is expected to be put on EVERY assignment.

Classroom Expectations

Come in with a good attitude.

Complete and turn in homework and projects on time.

Come prepared with all necessary supplies every day.

Participate in class.

Seldom absent.

Complete Make-up Work on time

Put best effort into every assignment.

Realize when it is and is not appropriate to talk or laugh in class.

 you are tardy, without disrupting class activities, get your materials together, and join the class. Turn in any office/teacher pass quickly and quietly to the pocket by the door and sign the clipboard.

Late work should be turned in at the late homework tray. If assigned homework is more than one day overdue, you may be assigned lunch detention. Work that is more than a week late is graded at Ms. Fatur’s discretion.

If you are absent, check the absent folder for the day(s) you missed and get notes/assignment from a classmate. Make-up work in the Reading or Writing notebooks should be completed by the next notebook turn-in unless otherwise arranged. Absent work should be turned into the late homework tray. Turn in make-up work on time so no points are taken.  Come to RAO if there are any questions or help is needed.

Your safety is very important to me. I take all warnings—tornado, fire, IOC—seriously and expect you to do the same. Follow all directions quietly and calmly.

Cell phones should only be seen and out

if being used on an assignment/activity with permission from both Ms. Fatur and your parent(s)/guardians(s).

Respect all others.  This not only means people (classmates, teachers, substitutes, etc.), but their space and property as well.






Department: English
Room: 124
Planning Period: 2:06 PM - 2:56 PM
Phone: 918-357-7878
Email: fatur.heather@unionps.org
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