Union Public Schools
Union Public Schools

Memory Loveless

This is my 13th year teaching high school mathematics and my 6th year at Union. I received my Bachelor's in Mathematics Education from Northeastern State University in 2005.

As an educator of mathematics, my philosophy has always been, the most important goals for the students’ should be to gain a fundamental understanding of the concepts behind the material, and to know how and when these concepts may be applied, both within mathematics and beyond it. In helping the students to achieve these goals, I employ a variety of techniques to accommodate the different backgrounds, learning styles, and academic and career goals of the students in my classes, and also to make class as enjoyable as possible, even for students who are usually averse to mathematics.

Room: 2701
Planning Period: 2:20 PM - 3:21 PM
Phone: 918.357.6337
Email: loveless.memory@unionps.org
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