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Melissa Cobb

I am teaching Environmental Science this year.  I worked as a zookeeper at the Tulsa Zoo for three years, where I actively worked to increase knowledge of and combat environmental issues.  I received my bachelor’s degree in Science Education from Oklahoma State University.  I also have associates degrees in Biology and Medical Technology.  In addition to my experience with environmental science, I am also a certified Medical Technologist.  I worked in a medical laboratory for seven years prior to becoming a teacher.  I love to share my experiences at the zoo and in the medical lab with my students.  I believe that people learn best when they are having fun and enjoy class.  Therefore, I like to do a lot of group activities in class.  My number one goal is to get the students to think for themselves.  All of our activities and projects are designed to make the students think!

Department: Science
Room: 2029
Planning Period: 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM
Phone: 918-357-7268
Email: cobb.melissa@unionps.org
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