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Holly Parker

This is my 5th year at the 7th grade center,  I taught for 3 years at the I-High (back when it was 9th and 10th).  I have been teaching developemental math classes at TCC for the past 7 years. I also teach ACT prep classes at GradePower. My first 10 years of teaching were spent teaching at a private school in Tulsa. 

I have a BSE in Math Education from Oklahoma Christian and a masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction from American College of Education.  My husband and I will celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary this past December (2016).  I have three boys enrolled at Oklahoma Christian, my oldest is a senior, middle is a sophomore and the youngest is a freshman.

I believe everyone can be a math person. I value effort above accurate (accuracy will come if the effort is there) I value mistakes and failure because they are the stepping stones to true success. If we are willing to take a risk and be wrong we will definitely be further than if we never tried at all. Please take a look at www.Jongordon.com for more on how to look at life from the positive side.

I love to learn and love to help others learn. 


Department: Math Enrichment 7th grade & Algebra I
Room: 2600
Planning Period: 11:30 AM - 12:24 PM
Phone: 918-357-8141
Email: parker.holly@unionps.org
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