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Diana Nunes

Hello, I am Diana Nunes, a 6th year teacher in the Union district. I previously taught four years at local private academies in math and science, one year as a travelling teacher/tutor/governess for four students (2nd, 4th, 5th and 10th graders) in all subjects, and eight years in Tulsa Public Schools in biological sciences. Six year ago I set up the first in the Midwest trout hatchery in my biology classroom and have helped students successfully raise over 800 “fingerling” trout that have been released in the Lower Illinois River near Grove, OK; this year will be my seventh trout hatching with it being the sixth hatching at UHS. Four years ago we also hatched a brown-banded bamboo shark and about 30 chichlids in our nursery area. The Marine Biology classes are now enjoying the benefit of 3 years of grants from Cox Innovations in Education and a grant from Union Foundations; as a result, we have a tortoise and bearded dragon as well as multiple freshwater fish and saltwater fish and invertebrates. I am enjoying the students, staff, teachers, and administration at Union very much and will continue my career here as long as possible. Any day is a great day to be a Redskin (especially if you are Cherokee or any of the other amazing tribes of Native Americans!) Have a happy and successful school year!

Department: Science
Room: 2005
Planning Period: 9:20 AM - 10:25 AM
Phone: 918-357-7265
Email: nunes.diana@unionps.org
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