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Melisa Shepard

My name is Melisa Shepard.  I have worked in the education field for 11 years with the first 5 years being in Arizona.  I am excited to be starting my 6th year here at Union. 

I take a positive stance on behavior management.  I firmly believe that it is important to work with a child not against them.  To address a behavior issue I believe you must understand the behavior and what its causes are. Students learn their morals based on what they witness others especially adults doing.  The teacher is a role model that sets the tone for the class.  If you expect respect from your student you must first respect them.  If you want them to be on time and prepared this should be modeled.  The teacher should have expectations that the students want to meet.  They need to learn responsibility but we need to give it to them.  Students will go as high as you set the bar.

Room: 46
Planning Period: 2:30 PM - 3:00 PM
Phone: 918-357-8346
Email: shepard.melisa@unionps.org
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