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Megan Hall

7th Grade Science Syllabus

2015 - 2016

Ms. Hall

Purdue Team

Course Overview:

This semester we will be covering the following units:


Matter (Scientific Method, Measurement)

Motion and Energy

Space Science

Weather and Atmosphere

Animal Classification (Vertebrates and Invertebrates)

Genetics and Reproduction



Class Rules: (follow team discipline rules from team syllabus)
1. Respect others. (Treat others with respect, mutual respect, attentive listening)
2. Respect yourself. (Use self-control, be accountable for your own choices, be self-disciplined,

       use time wisely, be prepared for class each day, be reliable, and be honest.)
3. Respect the classroom. (Clean up after yourself, take care of and return class materials.)


The grades will be calculated in the following four categories:
Daily work, participation, quizzes, and tests 


All assignments must be complete and turned in with the proper name and heading to get full credit.  Answer all questions in complete sentences unless otherwise told.

Science Interactive Notebook: Students are responsible for maintaining a science notebook. These will be left in the classroom. We will grade notebooks each Friday and students will receive daily participation credit for bell ringers.

Science Article Homework Assignments:  Students will be assigned a science article on Ms. Hall’s website every other week. They will be assigned on Tuesday, and due at the beginning of class on Friday. If student doesn’t have access to the internet, ask Ms. Hall IN ADVANCE, and I will provide you a paper copy.


2 interesting things I discovered while reading

1 question that I still have

In-class assignments and labs: Students will complete in class assignments during the class period. All assignments are due at the end of class on the due date. There will be 2 formal lab write-ups each semester. If absent, it is the students responsibility to contact the teacher to obtain missed work. Late work is accepted up to 5 days past the date assigned for up to 70% of full credit. Students who choose to not have an assignment completed will be assigned campus catchup (academic enrichment) as study hall to complete the assignment within that 5 day period.


Students will be required to complete test corrections after each section test.  If the students overall score is below 70%, they will also be required to retake the test.  The score on the retaken quiz/test will be averaged together with the original score. The ability to retake quizzes/tests is always at Ms. Hall’s discretion and does not apply to reading quizzes.

There will be weekly quizzes on Friday that will cover that week’s vocab and main topics that were taught.

There will be a section test at the end of each unit.


Bathroom and Locker Passes:
Passes to leave the room will be given at the teacher’s discretion. Each student will only get 3 passes each nine weeks which they will only be able to if they have their agenda. This does not include nurse passes for emergencies.  



Conduct marks are earned by students per nine weeks when they choose to not follow the class rules and are recorded by Ms. Hall

1.Verbal Warning (3 chances)

2.Lunch Detention

3.After school detention (Tues. or Thurs.)

4.Office Referral

Bag the Best Behavior Class Rewards

For each expectation, the class as a whole will be given 3 chances to modify behavior

When the class behavior steps out of line, Ms. Hall will say “listening pose” and hold up a finger (1,2, or 3) and make a check mark above that bag

At the end of class, if both behavior expectations haven’t exceeded the three chances, I will draw a ticket out of the bag on the board.

If that ticket is greater than or equal to the number of checkmarks above the bag, I will proceed to the next bag.

If both behavior goals are passed, I will draw a reward ticket out of the reward bag.

If behavior continues after 3 marks, I will hand out lunch detention slips to any student who continues that behavior.

Best Behavior Expectations:


Listening Pose: When the teacher, a classmate or any demonstration is going on, students will show attentive listening by doing the following:

No talking, raise your hand and wait to be called on before speaking

Eyes forward

Stay in your seat

Not distracted on others or objects (tapping)


Tone It Down:

0 – completely quiet, no talking

1 – whispering where no one besides your elbow partner can hear

2- quiet group discussion, a little louder than a whisper, but quieter than normal voices

3 – Normal outside voices



Pencil Check Class Reward

Every day, each student is required to bring a pencil to class. During role, I will ask each student to hold up their pencil. They have to be in their assigned seat for it to count as well.

In order for that day to count, every student in the class needs to have a pencil. If you ask be BEFORE the class bell rings for a pencil, I will loan you one. Other students can loan a pencil to make sure the day counts.

If one or more students DOES NOT have a pencil, the class count goes back to zero, and the next day the tally will start over. For every 5 days of 100% pencils, the class will get to draw out of the reward bag.

Bigger class rewards will be mentioned as the tally grows larger… the pencil class challenge is on!!


Class Materials: (due Monday August 22)

2 Composition Books:  Students will keep a table of contents to make sure everything is in the notebook and in order; it will be graded at the end of each unit for a 100 pt. test grade. Students will leave these in class, and are not to take them home until the end of the year.

2 folders with pockets and brads

Roll of scotch tape

Package of notebook paper

Colored Pencils

Text Books: Students will keep in class

I am looking forward to this year! I can’t wait to share my passion for science with you! Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Thank you,

Ms. Hall


(918) 357-8086


http://unionscience7.weebly.com/ - Class Webpage where I will post agendas and homework assignments


http://unionpurdue7.weebly.com - website where you can find all of the Purdue class weekly agendas. Teachers update each week




Department: Purdue Science
Room: 2504
Planning Period: 10:32 AM - 11:26 AM
Phone: 918-357-8086
Email: hall.megan@unionps.org
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