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Union Public Schools

Lindsay Smith

Lindsay Smith graduated Magna Cum Laude from The University of Tulsa earning her Vocal Performance and Music Education bachelors in 2009. Lindsay has studied with famous musicians such as Laven Sowell, Peter Strummer, and Linda Roark-Strummer. Lindsay graduated December 2013 from OU-Tulsa with a 4.0 in Education Administration. She is teaching 6th grade competition choir and 7th grade vocal music at Union's Sixth/Seventh Grade Center. Lindsay got married in June 2015 and there is another Lindsay Smith in the district, so please see e-mail address as it is not a standard lastname.firstname e-mail. Lindsay is also the proud new mommy of a baby boy named William. Lindsay is honored to be a Union Redskin and is looking forward to 2017-2018!

Department: Fine Arts
Room: 1732
Planning Period: 10:46 AM - 12:08 PM
Phone: 9183578054
Email: smith.lindsaya@unionps.org
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