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Briana Cleveland

As a child, I was always creating stories and reliving my favorite books in my mind. I also spent a considerable amount of time forcing my sister to play school with me. When I entered college, it was no surprise to those who knew me that I decided to study to be a teacher.  My literary ways and inherent bossiness were signs to my friends and family that I would one day make a great teacher. I chose to attend the University of Tulsa where I double majored in English and Secondary Education.


With my degree in hand, and Magna Cum Laude honors in mind, I enjoyed two glorious days off after my last day of college before venturing off to the first day of my new career, teaching! After a year teacher reading at the 8th Grade Center, I made a three-year detour to south Florida where I was a Program Manager with Sylvan Learning Center before I returned to Oklahoma and joined the language arts department here at the 6th and 7th Grade Center.


Working with sixth graders has been the best part of my career in education.  Sharing and writing stories with imaginative sixth graders has allowed me to remain a child at heart.  There is no greater joy than when I see my students slip off into their own imaginations, books in tow; and, of course, it's also great to get paid to play school every day.

Department: Instructional Coach
Room: 2509
Planning Period: 9:30 AM - 10:14 AM
Phone: 918-357-8179
Email: cleveland.Briana@unionps.org
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