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Twenty-four years ago I joined the world of education.  Though it has not changed greatly in that time, I continue to learn new approaches through my interactions with my students.  The experience I have gained since the mid-nineties continues to develop my techniques for helping your son or daughter reach his or her utmost potential.  The writing process is my specialty; I expect my kids to believe their writing will improve, and I convince them it can. 

I graduated from NSU in 1994 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education and English.  I began teaching at Muskogee at the alternative high school and then finished my last five years on the traditional high school campus.  I have been with Union since August of 2000 with the exception of a short sabbatical I took to direct the programming for YMCA Camp Cullen in Houston, Texas.  Camp was an integral part of my life.  I went to a summer camp as a camper, counselor, program coordinator, or the director for 22 straight summers.  I do believe nothing prepares a teacher better for the dynamics of a classroom than working as a counselor at a camp.

Where would anyone be without a teacher?  Having a chance to help students bridge the gap between today's experiences and how they will impact their future makes educating our youth challenging each day, and it is this approach that helps to keep the curriculum fresh year after year.  Though the material may be similar from my perspective, what it evokes in each student is different from class to class.  I have always said I feel I have an opportunity to teach beyond the curriculum.  Follow-through, accountability, pre-planning, organization, and many other life-long lessons always seem to pop up in the expectations and lessons.

As this year kicks off the high school career where grades truly matter for a lifetime, students must demonstrate a responsibility and accountability for success.  Accessing grades through the new online Infinite Campus and follow daily lessons on Canvas. Remember, progress reports generate each four and a half weeks.

I send text alerts periodically.  Parents and students benefit from signing up; parents, if possible, should list a name as "Parent of..." while students may simply use the same name used in class.

1st Hour - Text @dt001 to 81010

2nd Hour - Text @dt002 to 81010

3rd Hour - Text @dt003 to 81010

4th Hour - Text @dt004 to 81010


Department: English
Room: 2426
Planning Period: 1:10 PM - 2:06 PM
Phone: 918-357-7720
Email: Thompson.Darin@unionps.org
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