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Millie Gamble

I have been an educator for thirty seven years. Prior to my twelve years at Union, I taught in Altus, Oklahoma for twenty years and Sapulpa for five. I received my degree in math education from Southwestern Oklahoma State University. I am an effective teacher because I consistently communicate with my students and their parents what our learning goals are. Additionally, I give timely feedback to my students and their parents regarding their individual progress toward those learning goals. My methods are consistent and yet yielding to student learning patterns. My recurring motto each year in Algebra is “Yes, there is only one answer to this problem, but there are many ways to get the answer.” These simple routines have afforded my students three guarantees in my classroom: 1) A student will always know what is expected of him/her; 2) A student will be consistently monitored, redirected or celebrated within the learning process; and 3) A student is safe to fail and consequently, safe to learn within the walls of my classroom. My experience has taught me and my students have taught me that adolescents thrive on consistency. They fight structure and yet seek it continuously. Their nature is to test the boundaries; my job is to provide them boundaries. These boundaries exist in a math classroom in routines. In my classroom there are routines of leadership, row captains, who have classroom management responsibilities that protect and ensure smooth transitions between exercises. These routines also provide ownership and confidence to students who would otherwise feel out of place in a math classroom. Other routines include weekly grade sheets that students are responsible for completing with his/her assignment grades and then sharing with the appropriate parent/guardian. Communicating on a weekly basis with parents tells my students that I care about them and their educational success. Moreover, when it is necessary I make daily phone calls or emails with parents whose student is failing to understand or complete the work. On more than one occasion, I have a standing agreement with parents that the child will stay on the very day the assignment is due if the work is not turned in or incomplete. Students need and want to know that the adults in their lives are not going to let a student fail. My door is open before school and after school. I want to assist my students when they experience frustration or difficulty. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you or your student should need my assistance. You may follow me on Twitter @gamblealgebra for daily assignments or visit my website. http://gamblealgebra.pbworks.com

Department: mathematics
Room: 1208
Planning Period: 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Phone: 918-357-7721
Email: gamble.millie@unionps.org
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