Union Public Schools
Union Public Schools

Valda Buchanan

29 years in Education

12 with Union Public Schools

Undergraduate Degree Received at Southeastern Oklahoma State University, Apprentice degree under nationally known potter Professor Jerry Bryant, Red Rock Canyon Professional Ceramics Institute, Duncan and Maco Ceramic continued educational programs, Art and Museum private foundation research programs. 


“Teacher of the Month”(1999, 2000), Student nomination for “Teacher of the Month” multiple occasions, PTA Dream Catchers, Character Counts, 


Department Head for Electives, “Character Counts” Board, Art Club Sponsor, “F.I.S.H.” Sponsor, Union Rugby Team Sponsor, USEF Sponsor, “Bonds” Board, “UCAP” Board, “Jr. ROTC” Sponsor, Union Redskin “Momma Skins” Board, I-High Awards Committee, D.A.R.E. Sponsor, Arts Committee Head of State and Regional Student Council Conventions, Fund Raising Committee for USEF, Union High School Track Sponsor.


I believe that a child must have all degrees of learning.  Math, Science, Literature and History are the fundamentals of education that are enhanced with the Arts and Electives that make students more diversified to handle the world we live in today.

Being “Head of the Electives and Art Department” for several years, I have had the privilege of working with teachers in different teaching fields other than my own.  It has made me a stronger and more diversified teacher in all aspects of teaching life.  It has given me knowledge and ideas of multiple teaching in different fields of the schools needs, strengths and weaknesses, student requirements, school requirements, state and federal requirements.  I love teaching!

Department: Art
Room: 1423
Planning Period: 11:15 AM - 12:55 PM
Phone: 357-7740
Email: Buchanan.Valda@unionps.org
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